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Getting Money

is now as easy as spending

Where ever you are

We take the pain out of the loan process with our simple and fast forms.  You can get started 24 hours a day in the privacy of your own home and get the money you need.

Only 15min to your account

Why wait days or even weeks to get a credit decisions? The process is fast and you can get a decision on your loan as soon as the same day, often within minutes of completing our form.

It’s Fast and Secure

Any loan up to S$20,000, do Call us or WhatsApp us for faster processing time.

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Get money right now!

Follow this easy steps to get money within 15 minutes
  • Fill in an application form on our website

    Make a request on our website and wait for response to e-mail within 15-30 minutes from the time of the request during business hours.

  • Our manager will contact you to clear up the details

    Wait for response while we are processing your application.

  • Receive your money in the most convenient way in 15 minutes

    After the application is approved, you will be receiving the money within 15 minutes. That’s easy.

Get up to S$600 NTUC vouchers

When you apply for our Personal loan online

Uber Why People Choose Us:

We offer a totally new way of borrowing

Fair Interest rates

Enjoy Extra Cash with lowest interest rate of 4% p.m

Loans up to S$5000

No hassles in getting your loan

Get Your Cash Less than 15min

Fast Approval Rate by just fill up the form or call our hotline

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